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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

An apple and a cup of Coffee

Sunday morning rain has falling.

A song fade out of the air when we were both sat in quiet. Summer breeze has entered the morning. After last night deeply raining wash out the chemistry between me and him. I look right into his eyes. But he only see my long black hair. He was avoiding me.

Silent has broke the morning light. The door glass humming the reflection of my silhouette slim body beside his hard back. The cold was dividing the wind into pieces, falling into our both skin.

The flashbacks are black.

The morning was light. Summarizing the laughs, the giggles, and everything of an ordinary simple taught. We were talking about kids running on the backyard with short pants. I see the dogs are barking when he trying to beat them catching the ball I threw. The leaves were slowly falling down covering the sunlight on our heads.

We were not barely holding hands, but the loudly laugh explained everything. Everything into perfect. The Growing old, the singing songs, eat perfect sweet strawberry cheese cake, fight and hug each other.

But the flashbacks are black.

I love apple and he loves a cup of coffee. Both of them remind still on the table morning as we walk away into opposite directions. It's simple but hurt so bad. The ending can't be change. We're just friends.


for janji jumat 25 feb 2011


Manis sekali Ma!
Like it! :-)

bagus bgt cerpennya.. :D

makasih, jadi malu, :">

tapi menurut gw sepertinya terlalu dipaksakan feelingnya yah? iya gak?

humm.. next time better deh..:)

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