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Monday, 28 November 2011

my bumblebee

You know, recently I've been so friendly with my car. He's (consider it's a he :p) quite useful and very helpful. Yet sometimes I wish he's alive (T_T ) as a pet or something.

I don't have an automatic garage door. Every time I'm home, I have to stop my car first then open it. At late night, after I opened the garage door, I stare at him. I snap on my thigh. I whispering to him to get his feet off and get into the garage. As a master dog to her dog. As Sam to his bumblebee.

A minute latter, it's still a car.

As I feel tired, I went inside the car and parked it into the garage. I shut the car light off, close the door then forget about it can be alive.

It just another tired late night.


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