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Monday, 26 December 2011

animation - the kite

Script title: The Kite
Genre: Animation
Duration: 2-5 minute
Main role: 1
Log line: Give up means when the result is succeed
Short synopsis:

A boy stood still with his new kite in his backyard. He tried to fly a kite without the help of his father. But it turns out it's hard to fly a kite. Various ways he tried, using a stick, threw the kite up high, he still failed. But he did not give up. A minute later, he notices the wind direction. He tried flying his kite once again and it’s worked!


The wind was too strong. He could not hold his kite and then it was out of his grasp and flew in the wind. The boy stood still as the winds start shook his sweaty hair.

Contact information.
ilma fath


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