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Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Labyrinth City

Ext. Beautiful Village. Morning

A dark mist slowly fade away opened up small village with brown simply house surrounded by park and green yard. Sunlight glimpse out the mist and lighten the city.

Int. Bold Room. Morning

Bold (25) stand still in front of the window. His eyes was starring the window he buttoned up his shirt sleeves. He was dressed neatly as a person wants to go to work.

                    Bold (v.o)
               There's a city, a forbidden city

Still staring at the crowd that occurred on the street outside his bedroom window, Bold took his old brown coat and wear it.

                    Bold (v.o)
               The town is if you go into it, you'll never get out.

Bold move to a table next to the window and took a pen and then kept the pen on a piece of paper with the words 'Good bye'.

                    Bold (v.o)
              But once you find a way out, you will find life.  

Bold went to the bedroom door. He opened the door and left the room. His old red room filled with a mattress, table and cabinets were remain empty and still.

Ext. Hutan. Morning

Bold panting breath. He ran through a lusty forest. A voice cries from the depths of the forest. Bold glimpse through his right shoulder, then quickly stared ahead and kept running through every bushes and twigs on his way. He cut a twig that suddenly appear on his face with his arm. The flakes of broken twigs scratch his cheek to bleed. Bold kept running until he reached the edge of the forest. Bold refrained from falling. Bold bowed, his hands are in his knee. As sweat ran down his scared cheeks, he looked at a city.Tall buildings, train whistle that runs through the fog toward the city. High bridges, thick smoke.

stared the forest behind him. But then he started ran.

Ext. Grassland. Morning

The wind moved every strand of his hair. Bold ran desperately approached the main gate.

The gate of
a forbidden city.

The labyrinth City.

Ext. Labyrinth City. Afternoon




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