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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Journey of a Sea Turtle

At the end of 2011, me and my family went to Ujung Genteng, West Java, Indonesia. Here are some picture of it. Some great place to hunt pictures ^_^

1. Maggosteen break around the road of Surade Village

 2. Loji Beach - Kwan im Monastery (Budhist Temple)

peaceful little monk...

the dragon teeth ready to catch the visitors!

how great is it praying in such beautiful view? you'll never know!

Me staring at the Loji Beach. (too shy to look at the camera *blushed*)
 3. Sea Turtle Conservation at Ujung Genteng - A very beautiful beach on south west Java

New born Sea Turtles.. cute babies...

we're ready to help you free!

be strong! go fight!

my cousin were sad she didn't bring her surf board. the wave there are amazing!

But my other cousin had his change to be the king of the ocean, Poseidon! haha...

this is the main gate of the conservation, bye bye... i'll be back *_^...
 4. Cikaso Waterfall! ^_^

isn't that nice taking picture with my lovely mom? ^_^
I wonder why there's a deer on a waterfall?

do you know the myth of three waterfalls?

People used to write their journey detail on their blog whenever they went travelled. But I think the pictures above has said pretty much everything. ^_^

I would, I meant, I really really would like to go back there. So, if there's anybody wanna go there, pleaseeeeeeeeee..... ask me to join your journey!
(I'll be really helpful, trust me ^_^)

Note: Next time I go there I'll put Buni Ayu Cave on my itenerary! what is Buni Ayu Cave? that's is secret i never tell, xoxo... hehehe


foto2nya kurang :|
yg liat kamera ga ada, ga seru ah. *close tab*

ngiri aja tuh, belum pernah ke Ujung Genteng...B-)

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