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Thursday, 21 February 2013


Actually I don't know how can I describe this post label. Maybe it worth to  animation and screenplay, :D

'Shadow' is the title of my first animation short film. My role is as a Producer and Writer.
The original title is 'Lisa dan Bayangan'. Bayangan means shadow. Yup, right! The story is about a little girl's shadow, Lisa's Shadow. What about her shadow?

There's once a myth about shadow in Indonesia. Old people always says that shadow is the dark side of a human being. If a person did something bad then it shadow will grew bigger and bigger until turn into a monster. The monster shadow will eat the person a live. Otherwise, if we did something good, then we can control our shadow, our dark side.

The myth happen to become reality in Lisa's life. Lisa is a naughty girl. She never obey her mother. One day her shadow turn into a monster!

Here is the teaser:

Here is some screencaptures:

Have you seen the teaser? What do you think about it?



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