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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cat Cat and Rafe

Ternyata membuat sebuah karakter itu nggak gampang yah, ^_^"... Salut sama studio ghibli, sanrio, disney dan semuanya.

I know I don't have skill to draw, but at least I've tried, :p

First thing I did is do small research about some animals, then I start sketching, brainstorming, etc etc...
finally here are the results:

I call them EPCUTE. It means earphone on cuteness, it's because every character has their own earphone. Well, big earphone... :p

basic design of 'cat cat'

cat cat on many poses

basic design of 'rafe'

Rafe on many poses

Then I add them on a t-shirt design:

I think, they're all not so bad, aren't they?
(I wish)


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