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Friday, 2 August 2013

Paper Head

A while ago, DANBO (paper folding character) was very popular. Many people made Danbo, including me ^_^...!

Then I realize that actually you can make many characters by folding paper, or known as ORIGAMI. I have to admitted that origami is not as simple as it looks. The real origami artist can make many-many things from only a piece of paper without any help from glue and scissor! But I'm not even close to origami artist, I just like to make some art work sometimes. :)

Today, I made a ball from a paper. Latter on I'm thinking to paint a face on it. A minute latter I have the idea of putting a popular character on it, such as Brown/James/Boss from Line Sticker Character or even a Minion face!

Yup, the process is right here:

make a pattern

first head paper (original character)

print and print the patterns

half done

head paper 'boss - Line Sticker'

head paper 'James - Line Sticker'
Without glue!

Why there isn't Minion or Cony or Moon character? It simply because I'm running out of printer ink, LOL...

Anybody want it or want to now how I did it? Lemme know! ^_^

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