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Monday, 27 January 2014

The Trash Bag

When I was a kid, my Mom gave me a trash bag. I don't know why, but I felt very happy at that time. As if I got a new toy. Actually, it's feels more like I have a new job which is to collect garbage. I can put any kind of trash that ever exists in my house into my trash bag.

I start collecting garbage in every corner in my room. And once it's clean, I begin to search the entire house. My Mom, well not just her, in fact my whole family starts to enjoy me becoming a trash bag girl. Because of me the house is cleaner than ever.

Unfortunately, right now I've became more and more interest in garbage. However, the trash bag is won't even half full. So, I start to think 'where could I find new trash?' I noticed that actually we can produce it by our self. It's simple. All we have to do is to use or to eat stuffs which are wrapped in something.

Then, I eat a lot of snacks, drink water from bottles and use tissue as many as I can. Therefore, I have used papers, plastics, foils, bottles, cans and tissues. My teacher gave me an award as the cleanest kid on school, because I don't litter. But the thing is, I don't understand why the bag is still not getting full yet. I become more curious and attached to the trash bag. At the end, I decided to keep producing trash.

After few years, my family starts to warn me about my trash bag. They asked me to not focusing on the trash bag anymore. They want me to do something else than fill in the trash bag. I asked them why I can't keep not littering. And they said something shocking. They said 'you getting fat!' What? Am I fat?

I try to see my self on the mirror. But it's hard to move my body. Now I realize they were right. I'm getting fat and my trash bag also getting bigger. I can't even go outside the room!

I cried all night thinking the mistakes I've made for all this years. 

I've made up my mind. I set a new goal. It is to stop getting fat. Therefore, I'll stop producing trash. First day is hard, but with strong heart I've manage get my self back together. However, the problem won’t settled, I still cannot get out of my room. The big trash bag is still here blocking my door! What should I do?


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