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About me? Really?

a girl who ...

love to count,
love to write,
love to draw,
love to dream,
love to take a picture,

but she find herself ...

hate numbers,
hate poems,
hate lines,
hate sleeping,
don't want to be a model

hahahaha......just kidding..I just trying to be crazy...^___^..

My past project:
- TV Series with Moviesta
- Comedy situation for TV Series with Wahana Penulis
- published a book for children (check it on my book section)
- Comedy situation for TV Series with ANP Films
- Omnibus, with R1 Pictures.
- TV series, with 87 films
- TV series on TransTV

I currently working on:
- Comedy situation TV series on RCTI

 Is there anybody out there need 
a researcher, scriptwriter, editor?
I'll come handy ^_^

email :
-hometown : Jakarta, Indonesia-

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